Destination by Choice Tickets – Among the Awards at BIAF 2011

Pilots from Several Countries will Demonstrate Mastery in the Sky

Sofia, September 1, 2011

Two visitors of the airshow which will be held on September 3 and 4 at Krumovo Airport (near Plovdiv, Bulgaria) will win airtickets for a destination by choice, provided by Bulgaria Air. This award is among the surprises that will welcome the show guests. Unique demonstrations and acrobatic flights, performed by top pilots, will be performed in the sky over Krumovo.

The three world leading tendencies in the field of pilotage – the American, Russian and West European, will be presented and show their skills at BIAF 2011. The Swedish Gripen, which can land at ordinary roads, be recharged within 10 minutes and enter the battle again, will be showed. Here will also be Eurofighter Typhoon, considered the most modern fighter in the world today. For a first visit inBulgariawill arrive also MiG-29M with reverse vector thrust engines. Thanks to this technology, the airplane will perform airborne maneuvers, previously considered impossible. The demonstrative team of Swiss Air Force pilots, American pilots with the F-16 combat aircraft and the Bulgarian combat aviation will also be among the participants who will demonstrate their top skills. Light Aviation and retro planes, including the legendary Messerschmitt 109, will also fly over Krumovo.

In unique for our country competition, a Formula 2 car will try to outrun the super fighter MiG-29. Behind the wheel of the car will sit Plamen Kralev – one of our most successful automobile drivers.

About BIAF 2011

The year 2011 marks the 100th anniversary after the decision of the Kingdom of Bulgaria for establishing Bulgarian aviation. For celebrating the historic anniversary, the organizers – the Bulgarian Air Force, the Bulgarian Air Force Foundation and the co-organizer – the Bulgarian Air Traffic Control prepared an official celebration of the historical date. The event is kindly supported by the Ministries of Defense, of Interior and of Transportation and Information Technologies. Commemorative scientific practical conference on 100 years Bulgarian Aviation – Past, Present and Future and the Eighth Bulgarian International Aviation Festival BIAF 2011 are being organized on September 2 to 4, 2011, atPlovdivAirport.

During BIAF 2011 will be performed air display of aviation equipment (air show), static display of aviation equipment, including the latest developments of world’s leading producers and sponsors of BIAF 2011, incl. the EADS Consortium (Eurofighter Typhoon 2000) and SAAB – with Gripen aircraft and a training cockpit simulator. Lockheed Martin, Diehl and Messerschmit will also demonstrate their technologies. They will make presentations during the jubilee scientific practical conference.

The festival has three stages. Past will include ground retro show, of the first aircraft in Bulgaria also. The second stage - Present will be opened by the Bulgarian Air Force. They will act with airplanes that are now in service. The way of conducting air evacuation will be shown there. A special helicopter will fight a fire. Switzerland will participate with a demonstration group of Pilatus aircrafts. In the Future stage representatives of the three world leading tendencies in the field of piloting – West European, Russian and American, will demonstrate the abilities of their aircrafts. A first time flight inBulgaria of a Typhoon, Gripen and MiG-29M OVT will be performed. F-16 will join the flights. Light aviation will also amuse the audience.

The Air Forces of Germany,Greece,Italy,Romania,Sweden,SwitzerlandandUSAhave already confirmed their participation in BIAF 2011.

Technical Information

The festival is located at 75 thousand sq/m area. There are two information points – at the entrance and near the press center. The event is secured by three fire trucks and medical center. Four large food areas, 50 retail stores, souvenir kiosks and a tent for veteran pilots are also available. There are two separate entrances for visitors.

For the convenience of visitors, Hebros Bus will provide shuttle buses that will depart for the airshow each 15 minutes – from the Trimontium hotel in the center of Plovdiv.

On September 3 and 4, the Bulgarian State Railways will double the number of trains between Plovdiv and Asenovgrad, who will travel on every 30 minutes.

Parking for visitors: free of charge parking is available near the event entrances. Scheme routes for arrival and departure of spectators and scheduled Plovdiv Airport flights passengers can be found at

Those who will to attend the show by car are highly recommended to start their travel earlier and comply with the temporary road organization.

Entry: tickets that can be purchased directly, in the Ticketpro network or online – via the exhibition site

Playground: for providing pleasant and relaxing stay for visitors with kids, there is entertaining children area available.

Prohibiteduse of alcohol and drugs, wearing and use of firearms and knives. Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter BIAF 2011.

For more info: Krassimira Kraeva